Natural Gas - The East Coast's pipeline wars: A cheat sheet

November 27, 2017

The expansion of natural gas infrastructure along the East Coast has created a seemingly endless queue of new pipeline battles involving landowners, environmentalists, states and the federal government.

Some of the proposed pipelines have similar names. A handful have similar routes. Many have been in the news for years, while others seem to have sprung from nowhere. They're all accompanied by a nonstop stream of procedural and legal drama.

Even the most astute pipeline watchers have trouble keeping it all straight. Was it Atlantic Coast or Atlantic Sunrise that just got approved? Wait, how many projects are on hold in New York? And aren't there nuns protesting somewhere?

Here's a breakdown of some of the most interesting projects to help you avoid getting your wires — er, pipelines — crossed.

  • Constitution - Length: 126 miles Route: Northeast Pennsylvania to central New York Status: Company wants FERC to waive a state-issued water permit...
  • Northern Access - Length: 99 miles and associated infrastructure Route: Northwest Pennsylvania to western New York Status: Company appealing New York permit denial at 2nd Circuit, at FERC and in state court...
  • Valley Lateral - Length: 7.8 miles Route: Connects Millennium Pipeline Co.'s main line to a power plant in Orange County, N.Y. Status: Construction halted pending arguments at 2nd Circuit...
  • PennEast - Length: 120 miles Route: Northeast Pennsylvania to central New Jersey Status: Awaiting final approval at FERC before reapplying to New Jersey
  • Atlantic Sunrise - Length: 183 miles and multiple expansions and upgrades Route: Southern Pennsylvania to northern Pennsylvania and upgrades across East Coast network Status: Approved by FERC; under construction...
  • Nexus - Length: 255 miles Route: Eastern Ohio to southeastern Michigan Status: Approved by FERC; under construction...
  • Rover - Length: 713 miles Route: From processing plants in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio to delivery points in Ohio and Michigan Status: Some segments in service, others under construction; completion expected in early 2018...
  • Mountain Valley - Length: 303 miles Route: Northern West Virginia to southern Virginia Status: Approved by FERC; state permits pending
  • Atlantic Coast - Length: 600 miles Route: Northern West Virginia to eastern Virginia and North Carolina Status: Approved by FERC; state permits pending...
  • Sabal Trail - Length: 515 miles Route: Eastern Alabama to central Florida Status: Partially in service; FERC is conducting supplemental review...

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