Strong Support for Domestic Energy Production

A recent Neilson poll found three connected points among registered U.S. voters on domestic oil and natural gas development that should resonate in Washington. Across party lines, age and gender, strong majorities of registered voters support more domestic drilling and production.



What is Frac Sand?

This special sand is one of the keys to producing oil and natural gas from tight shale formations.



Offshore drilling is coming to Virginia

... to explore the seafloor for a potential offshore wind project. But where does offshore oil and natural gas exploration stand? Listen to Jimmy Barrett's of WRVA interview Bob Matthias, Assistant City Manager with the City of Virginia Beach.



Support for Keystone XL pipeline is almost universal

Even Democrats who prefer to develop alternate energy sources before expanding the use of fossil fuels say they want the Keystone XL pipeline built.



How to Make the Shale Boom Better

Allowing American natural gas producers to more easily ship Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) all over the world would take America's shale revolution to new heights.



Half the Natural Gas Extracted in America Now Comes from Shale

The shale gas boom, spurred by fracking and horizontal drilling, is bigger than anyone thought it would be.



Gas fracking boosts US economy, energy independence: study

The Obama administration unveiled a report Thursday that credits fracking with making the United States more energy independent as well as creating 133,000 new jobs - including in New York neighbor Pennsylvania.



The surge in US shale oil has offset declines elsewhere, stabilized world oil supply, prevented gas prices from rising

With the huge increase in the supply of domestically produced crude oil in recent years - US output is now at a 27-year high and heading for an all-time record high next year - why haven't gas prices come down?



Birthplace of USS New Jersey Saved by Shale Production

The shale boom and the Jones Act are saving shipbuilding at the 213-year-old Philadelphia Navy Yard. "Less than three years ago, you would have seen an empty dock, empty building dock..." Instead, the company has tripled employment...



Oil and Gas Industry Continues Innovating to Reduce Environmental Footprints

This week, oil and gas operators have been getting a lot of coverage for what they do best - innovation.

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