OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Feds take step toward Atlantic offshore drilling

SEISMIC TESTS: The Interior Department is laying the ground for possible oil-and-gas development in the Atlantic.



Opinions still split after study on offshore seismic testing

Gov. Pat McCrory welcomed a new federal environmental review that sets broad standards for companies to use seismic testing and other methods to look for oil and natural gas under the ocean floor.



Group of Legislators, Labor, Business, National Security Leaders Call for Approval of Keystone XL Pipeline

Following the release of the State Department's fifth and final environmental impact statement... many U.S. Senators and US Representatives... labor and business leaders... call on President to approve pipeline.



State Department releases Keystone XL final environmental impact statement

The State Department concluded in its final environmental assessment issued Friday that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline would not significantly alter global greenhouse gas emissions...



Natural gas and the state of our union

When President Obama first took the oath of office in January of 2009, few could have predicted just how profoundly America's vast energy resources would figure into his eight years in office. But the shale energy revolution, in both natural gas and oil, will be inextricably and positively linked to this time period.



Ohio firm reaps fracking benefits

The Utica shale boom hasn't brought drilling rigs to this eastern Ohio town, but it has transformed one local company.



Fracking credited for lower bills

Had it not been for the current fracking boom, Ohioans might have been looking at 65 to 129 percent higher heating bills this January.



Pipeline construction pumps energy into the Midwest economy

At dawn these cold mornings, pickups with license plates from all over the country roll off the blacktop and into the gravel in front of McBee’s General Store in this little Bates County town.



US set for energy independence, while other countries set for dependence

The U.S. is set to become the world's largest oil and natural gas producer due to the advent of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. The American energy boom is also drastically reducing oil and gas imports at a time when much of the world is becoming more reliant on energy imports.



API's Gerard Delivers Annual State of American Energy Address

API President and CEO Jack Gerard delivered his annual State of American Energy address on January 7th, focusing on the impact of future policy decisions on America's energy revolution.

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