The Geography of Jobs: Smart Policies Are Good, but Oil Is Better

If you want to understand how to create jobs -- not just a few at a time, but hundreds of thousands at once -- look to Texas and North Dakota.



The global impact of U.S. oil and gas development

Hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") and horizontal drilling are allowing the United States to produce more domestic oil and gas, bringing closer the once unthinkable prospect of America being a net energy exporter. But what are the international implications of America's newfound energy bounty on U.S. foreign policy?



Energy industry eager to attract more skilled trades workers

With all the new projects planned along the Gulf Coast, the energy industry predicts it will need 500,000 new workers between now and 2020.



Time for Keystone, please!

There's no good reason to further delay presidential approval of Keystone.



Fracking Our Way to Higher Incomes

If you're intrigued by the extraordinary success that states like North Dakota, Texas and Oklahoma are enjoying from the energy boom, then some summer reading might be in order. I have to warn you though; it's not light and breezy. Download a copy of "The Economic Effects of Hydrofracturing on Local Economies: A Comparison of New York & Pennsylvania," written by Diana Furchtgott-Roth, a senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, and Andrew Gray.



Mapped: Where the Oil is in Texas

Texas is oil country. It leads the nation in oil production, and would be one of the top oil-producing nations if it were its own country. This map illustrates those points by breaking down Texas’ oil production by county.



What new energy landscape means to USA

The global energy landscape is changing at a stunning pace. North America is close to energy independence, which once seemed unattainable. Better yet, the U.S., long dependent on supplies from potentially hostile nations, will attain self-sufficiency in 20 years, according to a study by BP.



Report: Marcellus Gas Production On the Rise As Drilling Rigs Are Down

Marcellus Shale natural gas production in Pennsylvania and West Virginia is up by 50 percent compared to last year, according to an analysis by Colorado-based firm Bentek Energy.



EPA's McCarthy: 'Responsible' gas production key to climate strategy

Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy said natural-gas production -- with the right safeguards -- is a major piece of Obama administration efforts to combat global warming.



GRTC buses & airport shuttles convert to CNG

If you listen closely, it's a little quieter in Richmond, and the air is a little cleaner. GRTC buses and the Richmond Airport shuttles are converting to CNG, compressed natural gas.

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