Natural gas company to hold job fair in Maine

A company involved in a natural gas distribution project in central Maine plans a job fair in Augusta to fill 45 positions.



Shale-derived natural gas liquids are essential but overlooked

The nonprofit Brookings Institution has a new report out that focuses on the importance to U.S. industry and the nation of the often over-looked natural gas liquids that are found in shale formations.



Energy boom pushes states to top of income growth list

While no state came anywhere close to North Dakota for average personal income growth last year, Texas was a respectable second-place finisher, according to estimates released Wednesday by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.



Cheap Natural Gas Pumping New Life Into U.S. Factories

The millions of Americans who lost factory jobs over the past decade may find this hard to believe, but U.S. manufacturing is coming back to life. The chest compressions are applied by the pumping of cheap, domestic natural gas.



Energy boom begins to ripple through US economy

The boom in new oil and natural gas flowing through U.S. pipelines is beginning to ripple through the wider American economy. Just ask Edrick Smith.



Oil & Gas Isn't Just One Of The Richest Industries, It's Also One Of The Safest

You wouldn’t know it from the major media coverage, but the American oil and natural gas industry is one of the safest sectors in operation. These businesses have established smart protocols to minimize the dangers to their personnel and prevent catastrophe.



Sunday Reflection: America's oil and gas revolution

To grasp the importance of the revolutionary change in oil and gas drilling sweeping across the United States -- and its significance for our economy -- just consider how far behind the rest of the world is lagging.



Oil & gas industry shows demand for skilled labor

The oil and gas shale plays in Texas and around the country have sent the industry into overdrive and have created jobs at a rate not seen in Texas since Spindle Top in 1901.



Somewhat hidden among the alarming data about global warming and environmental horribles is a significant piece of good news that seems to have slipped by with little attention. International and American agencies charged with keeping track of carbon pollution each report that while global air pollution is on the rise, U.S. emissions have reduced significantly in recent years.



A Model for Reducing Emissions

Who would have thought the United States would one day be a leader in cutting greenhouse gas emissions?

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