Oil to flow through Keystone XL’s southern leg this year

The northern leg of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline may be mired in controversy, but the southern portion of the project is almost complete, company officials said Friday.



How Obama Could Approve Keystone

I see a decision coming on the Keystone XL pipeline on a cold December day when most people have holiday shopping on their minds. Based on conversations with administration insiders, here's how I envision the final act of the long-running Keystone drama playing out...



How to reap the rewards of the shale gas boom

In the early part of 2008, I began delving into the big story of the day in North Texas and Dallas, the prolific activity from the recovery of natural gas in the Barnett Shale. At the time, other shale plays were being explored as well, such as the Fayetteville play that confirmed the Barnett’s results; the Marcellus was just being sized up. I was challenged with attempting to figure out how to communicate what shale could be physically described as — in essence, a dead ocean from a geologic perspective.



Offshore exploration would help, not hurt, Hampton Roads economy

US Senator Mark Warner, US Senator Tim Kaine, and US Representative Scott Rigell (all from Virginia) address the concerns raised in a previous Virginia Pilot editorial.



Underground Economy: How Shale Is 'Fracking' the Old Order

CNBC's top states for business ranking reflects a reordering because of a U.S. energy surge that "has literally transformed the financial landscape of the central corridor; creating jobs and rising incomes." According to CNBC, this points to the importance of policies that encourage more energy development. "The reality is, California could reap the same shale-oil and shale-gas bounties now benefiting North Dakota. Politicians simply choose not to."



Colleges plan training for gas drilling jobs

Two colleges in southern Illinois have announced a cooperative agreement to provide training in the emerging field of high-volume oil and gas drilling.



Top industry lobbyist says US oil and gas production could grow even more

American Petroleum Institute chief Jack Gerard said Tuesday that U.S. gas prices and the unemployment rate would be higher if not for the tremendous growth in oil production in America over the last few years.



IL Gov. Quinn signs bill to regulate fracking

Gov. Pat Quinn today signed sweeping legislation to regulate horizontal hydraulic fracturing, better known as "fracking." The move, which was expected, adds a bevy of restrictions and protections to an industry that while legal, was largely unregulated.



America enjoys oil rush as world switches to other energy sources

Unconventional oil, such as the Canadian oil sands, shale oil deposits in North Dakota and Texas and deepwater drilling in Africa and South America have helped to bolster global energy supplies.



FracFocus rolls out more user-friendly version

The hydraulic fracturing chemical registry has been updated to allow users to search by date ranges, chemical names or chemical abstract numbers – the unique numerical identifier for a chemical. The registry's focus remains on individual landowners and/or concerned residents who want to know the composition of fracking fluids used on their property or near their communities.

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