Sunday Reflection: America's oil and gas revolution

To grasp the importance of the revolutionary change in oil and gas drilling sweeping across the United States -- and its significance for our economy -- just consider how far behind the rest of the world is lagging.



Oil & gas industry shows demand for skilled labor

The oil and gas shale plays in Texas and around the country have sent the industry into overdrive and have created jobs at a rate not seen in Texas since Spindle Top in 1901.



Somewhat hidden among the alarming data about global warming and environmental horribles is a significant piece of good news that seems to have slipped by with little attention. International and American agencies charged with keeping track of carbon pollution each report that while global air pollution is on the rise, U.S. emissions have reduced significantly in recent years.



A Model for Reducing Emissions

Who would have thought the United States would one day be a leader in cutting greenhouse gas emissions?



The New Truck Stop: Filling Up With Natural Gas for the Long Haul

All along the millions of miles of highways that crisscross North America, wheels are in motion to remake the truck stop.



Natural Gas Rises to 17-Month High as Cold Snap Extends to April

Natural gas climbed to highest price in almost 17 months in New York on speculation that a cold start to spring will buoy demand for heating fuel.



Industry's fiscal impact

In a recent study, the oil and natural gas industry was measured to see what type of influence it had on the impact of the US economy in 2011 regarding employment, labor income, and value added. Value added refers to "the additional value created at a particular stage of production" as well as "a measure of the overall importance of an industry" as represented by its contribution to the nation's gross domestic product.



Bipartisan group set to take Keystone decision out of Obama's hands

President Obama has often used executive authority to get around Congress - and he has promised to continue that approach in his second term. But now a bipartisan group of lawmakers wants to turn the tables on the White House.



Keystone XL Benefits Too Great To Allow More Delays

When it comes to producing jobs, economic growth, energy security and more affordable gasoline prices for struggling Americans, the pending Keystone XL pipeline project includes some history worth repeating.



Keystone XL pipeline clears hurdle as State report downplays climate impact

A draft State Department report concludes that building the Keystone XL pipeline would not speed up development of Canada's oil sands, dealing a blow to environmentalists who claim Keystone would worsen climate change.

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