To ensure our energy security and create economic growth, it is vital that we safely developed our energy resources in American waters. And there is an abundance of oil and natural gas in America's Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).  Read more...

Seismic Surveys

Offshore seismic surveys are the first step in exploring for offshore oil and natural gas. They are are like ultrasounds of the earth that help scientists "see" below the ocean floor and are used around the world without harm to marine mammals and other sea life.  Read more...


Advances in energy technologies have revolutionized the exploration for, and acquisition of, oil and natural gas throughout the United States, and increased the amount of resources that were originally thought possible.  Read more...


Delivering offshore energy to the American people is safer than ever as a result of industry’s leadership and continuous investments in safety. The standards and regulations in America are more stringent than in any other pace in the world. And the industry will continue to develop strict standards for offshore safety to protect its workers and our environment.  Read more...

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